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Having spent endless summer holidays playing all kinds of creative existing and imagined games, the three of us (with prodding from others) decided to take our interest to another level. While delving deep into topics such as countries and wildlife, we curated some amazing facts and turned them into simple card games.

Two of these games were then picked up for manufacture and export (under the name TNT). And slowly but surely the games started selling as youngsters and parents started purchasing them in several countries. Within a year the games became quite popular and are now shipping in large numbers in India, USA, UK and Australia.

TNT Quest also began distributing them to under-privileged kids and to schools' libraries. Some of these efforts are hampered currently because of the Covid situation but we hope to be back on track soon enough!
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A football fanatic, he has worked on social projects, teaching football to underprivileged kids. He loves all animals with equal fervour. Board games, Minecraft and PubG are his passion. When he’s not busy feeding his hamsters and fish, he enjoys playing anime theme songs on his keyboard.
A sharpshooter on the shooting range, he is also a keen debater. He balances his passion to explore world history and politics with Star Wars in equal measure. With a keen eye for colours and aesthetics, he loves the company of his SLR while clicking pictures of the world around him.
With a flair for linguistics, he has four languages under his belt. His fingers strum the guitar and play the keyboards with equal ease. He devours every bit of info he can on countries and politics. He has recently forayed into the world of computer science engineering at college.
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